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"Returning Nature to Nature"  
Many ancient philosophies teach that we are whole and complete as we came. Vedic texts of ancient India say you ARE the fullness you seek. The yogi’s 'Namaste' acknowledges that we ARE the universe incarnate. Taoism speaks to harmonizing the divine fluctuations of our bodies with the cosmos because we are one and the same. And I truly believe that. What happens is through the course of our childhoods, schooling, and cultural conditioning we end up drowning ourselves in environments and situations that are out of sync with our true nature. We slip into imbalance.


You can’t find love, you hate your job, all your friends are fakes and flakes, you’re working yourself to the bone and can’t figure out why nothing’s working... I’ll ask you; are you being honest with yourself? Maybe you don’t even know how to be honest with yourself. It takes some time. It was a scary day when I realized I couldn’t trust myself with myself. I was 30 years old and had no experience loving anything about me. Each day was a cycle of fear-based reactions - and I was far from alone here! We get so mired in codependent incongruity, cutting each other down with our words, cutting each other off in traffic, cutting ourselves off from our true feelings. It’s barbaric.  

The only way out is to tune in. Stop reacting and listen. Home in on your own frequency, so you can nest it in an environment that allows it to sing. 


The only shortcut to discovering your true frequency is in the stars of your birth. That’s it. 

Sounds crazy. Not as crazy as Dogecoin or Margaritaville or kids eating Tide Pods on TikTok. 


And I’m not the first person to do this. Far from it. 


Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda; the two most ancient wellness disciplines in human existence (!) understood Astrology as an integral component of an individual’s health. Without the schematics of your birth as disclosed by the planets above when you popped out, living a fulfilling, purposeful life will feel like trying to assemble a damn Tesla by yourself. We know the hands go on the steering wheel and the butt goes in the seat, but beyond that – who knows? 

The instructions are here for you. 

The world can be a cold confusing place without that map. I can put it back in your hands.

We all have different talents, abilities, affinities, and pitfalls. We are all made of the same ingredients, yes, but in varying allocations, karmically and elementally, that codify a specific gravitational pull. 

The way we were raised, and our life experience is another force to content with. These impressions last in the body and alter our nervous systems and thought patterns, thus you react out of sync with your personal gravitational pull. And that doesn’t feel good.


Gravity is meant to be our friend. It keeps your feet on the ground, keeps you safe and secure so you can get where you’re going without floating off course or sinking down and getting stuck. If you feel lost or stagnant, or are curious what new avenues could prove fruitful, your natal chart is the map that will put you on track. Once you tune into yourself and align yourself with gravity, the right movements come naturally.